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Do you experience a loss of control over your vehicle while driving? Is it hard to handle the vehicle? Your vehicle most probably needs a wheel tracking service for optimum performance. It is one of the most important parts of car maintenance! If you want wheel tracking for car in Ongar at competitive rates, you are at the right place!
People usually get confused about wheel tracking and wheel alignment, and consider them different services. However, both are the same. Both work to set wheels in correct position according to manufacturer’s specifications.

When do my wheels need tracking?

There are some common signs that indicate that you urgently need to take your vehicle to garage for wheel tracking:

  • Uneven tyre wear:
    Uneven tyre wear includes excessive wear on any one side as compared to other sides. In addition to this, wear on outer edges, dips in tread, patchy wear or uneven sawtooth appearance along the edges is also included. There are a number of reasons for tyre tear and wear. Some of them are rough roads, potholes, fluctuating weather, and accidents.
  •  Squealing:
    You may hear squealing sounds from your tyres while driving. This happens due to uneven tyre wear, and it is one of the earliest signs of misaligned tyres.
  • Loss of control:
    If your vehicle pulls to right or left, this is an indicator of misalignment. Loss of control can be quite dangerous if remains unattended. So, do not ignore this obvious sign and bring your vehicle to us for inspection!
  • Steering abnormalities:
    Crooked or noisy steering wheel is another common sign that your wheels need tracking and alignment service.

Wheel tracking for car in Ongar at Rlow garage:

Do you know that handling problems and misalignment can reduce the life of your wheels by 30%? Therefore, we recommend a prompt service if you experience any signs as stated above. We, at Rlow garage, offer quality workmanship and guaranteed work that never fails to satisfy our customers.

Visit our website to learn more about us. Check out the service and contact details. Give us a call at 01279426092  if you are interested in our services or send in a query. We value your questions, and we make sure to offer the best possible suggestions. Drop by our garage to get back on the road in no time!