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The running of car on the roads, overcoming bumps, and smooth rides are all due to wheels. Hence, wheels to car are no less than the legs to humans! So, getting the right wheel service at the right time is necessary for your safety. However, there is a misunderstanding that puncture is the only thing that can happen to tyres, but actually there is much more to it! Now, get the best wheel alignment service in UK at the most amazing prices at Rlow tyres.

Why is wheel alignment important?

Wheel alignment service consists of the adjustments of tyres’ angles and suspension. Tyres run on the roads and suspension connects the tyres to the vehicle. So, try imagining the important role wheel alignment plays!

Misaligned tyres lead to uneven friction and  pressure on tyres. Consequently, more fuel and effort is required to keep the car moving. Moreover, the car feels like slipping on one side, making it very hard to handle the steering. Premature tear and wear is another common symptom of misaligned tyres — and one of the most common reasons for accidents.

Signs of misaligned wheels

  • Vehicle pulls to one side when driving on the road. If your car drift away from the straight line, then you need to get your wheels aligned.
  • Uneven steering wheel that does not remain centred
  • Decreased response time due to loose or sloppy steering can be quite dangerous. Similarly, excessively vibrating steering also indicates wheel misalignment.
  • Uneven and unusual tread wear. Moreover, squealing tyres are another sign of misalignment.

Sometimes, the misalignment is so subtle that you won’t even realise. So, professional assistance will go a long way! Moreover, you can definitely reduce the probability of misalignment by taking a few precautions such as: free your trunk from the junk and maintain air pressure in tyres.

How it works?

The experts check and adjust three angles : caster,camber, and toe.

Camber : It includes the negative and positive camber — the inward or outward tilt of the wheel when viewed from the front. There may be a number of reasons for camber misalignment like worn bearings or other suspension parts.

Caster : Proper caster alignment is crucial to rule out slipping and mishandling. It includes the alignment of steering axis and helps balance the steering.

Toe : This is the inward or outward tilt when viewed from the top.

What to do?

Misalignment can sometimes cost a lot. However, recognizing the initial signs can save you from a heavy loss. So, we recommend you to check your wheels for misalignment signs. Do not forget to get the wheel alignment every time you take your car for service.

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