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Do you know what tyres are to your car? No matter how expensive your car body is, it is useless without tyres! Tyres make your car run on the road for large distances and high ups and downs. Tyres, therefore, need to be in first class condition to do their job flawlessly. Hence, we recommend and provide a huge variety of new branded tyres in Epping. Why not invest once and save yourself from frequent trouble?

New branded tyres at Rlow tyres garage:

Branded tyres are the output of continuous innovation and competition. So, they are much better than budget tyres when it comes to durability and life. We, at Rlow tyres garage, provide tyres from following brands:

  • Goodyear tyres: Goodyear tyres go through atleast 50 tests to check the level of toughness and endurance in different weather and road conditions. So, these tyres keep your car going, no matter what the road condition is.
  • Jinyu tires: Jinyu is a Chinese brand and its tyres provide a nice road grip and play a role for better fuel economy too.
  • Bridgestone tyres: Bridgestone tyres are one of the best investments for your car. This brand never lags behind in terms of technology and innovation. Therefore, Bridgestone’s tyres are well-adapted to survive in harsh weather and road conditions.
  • Continental: Continental tyres provide better cornering stability. Moreover, they have a number of unique features such as increased cut resistance, wet braking performance, wider tread ribs.
  • Dunlop: Dunlop tyres come with asymmetric tread design that ensures increased resistance. Furthermore, Dunlop tyres have bigger tyre contact patches and multi blade system to meet the challenges of extremely challenging weather conditons.
    In addition to this, there are a few other top brands too including: Firestone, Kumho, Michelin, Hankook, Pirelli, and Toyo.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website to learn more about us. Check out the service and contact details.Give us a call at 01279426092  if you are looking for new branded tyres in Epping or request a call back. Drop by our garage to choose from a range of branded new and part-worn tyres.